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Assalamu alajkum friends and welcome to an episode of Smile to Jannah Then friends, some of you have sent me this news about Rosie Gabrielle a Canadian solo motorcyclist who has traveled to these countries and she has accepted Islam of course, I just did not want take her out there and cover her briefly, i wanted to know more about her and see what she went through and look at her materials and alhamdulilah, i feel like i’m in a good position right now to make this video. Rosie has traveled to many countries such as: Canada, USA, South Africa, Vietnam, Kampodia etc. but it was her trips to the Middle East and the East (I do not know where Pakistan falls) but I think in the East they had impact on him. Rosie lived in Oman for 9 years and she watched her experience there.

She was also aware of the negative portrayal of the media for the people of the Middle East, e.

g. to Muslims. So, instead of being one of those people who just cries and complains, she decided to do something proactive and on a public platform that will reach people. ” So that was a big part of why I’m traveling and why I’m doing this to show the world and inspire people and open people ‘s minds and tell them: look what’ s there and look how friendly these people are. ‘ ‘ Living in Oman for 9 years was generally good but it was only when she got on her motorcycle and started traveling and meeting ” forgotten people ” that was when she started looked at the real Oman.

And experience after experience she noticed how altruistic the people really were and how sincerely good and peaceful ” We have some visitors, assalamu alajkum, how are you? ok, no problem I am taking pictures, beautiful pictures I have water, thank you very much somewhere here was a father of a nearby village that I had visited yesterday he was very intrigued to see me only on the side of the mountain doing camping alone and doing given to this giant motorcycle then he continued to help me fix my things what a wonderful man again, keeping my faith in humanity, in people and these people do not want anything, do not want money, do not want me they sincerely want to help.

” Because, of course people questioned her by saying: you are a single woman, this and that can happen to you ” It’s all this stigma where people say: Muslim countries are very dangerous and ok I am I’m sure I’m not denying this, but the vast majority of these places are full of beautiful people. ” Despite her travels, she has not seen any of these experiences happen. really they touch it ” It’s very beautiful because .

I usually don’t cry like that … and I can share this with the whole world; what gift? and people say why do you do that you are not afraid?

why do you do it? I put myself out there to have these human experiences myself because you can have all the things in the world all the material things, the equipment, all the money, but all the money in the world will not give you happiness I think it is true when it is said: it is not important what you say but how it makes someone feel when you say it.

And after Oman, she visited Pakistan and she noticed many things e.g. how respectful men were, in terms of her madness and again the altruistic nature of people everywhere I go I am surrounded by men and there is no moment when I feel threatened, scared, disrespected and indeed we can say that Pakistan is secular and this country is secular but ultimately it was the people who were following and practicing Islam who won her heart and that is why I say: the best form of Dawah, the spread is what is done through your actions.

It does not have to be long lectures and long discussions and debates can only be the practice of an element of this beautiful faith And that is exactly why, she said this: Muslim people … I have traveled a lot and so far you are the most generous, kind, wonderful people she learned this only by sitting with the Bedouins , sitting with the poor people the forgotten people of these countries who live their lives very simply by following basic lessons, and she saw this and let it be accepted, the media will not report this and it was the accumulation of her experiences that was enough to change the whole direction of her life it is true that the journey enlightens the mind and let it be accepted, many of us like to go on vacation but we just go to the resorts, get some sunshine and then come back to us it does not matter to meet the people of that country and experience the country and the culture and when we leave this o resorts to do so will increase our faith because it falls to us to look at the beauty that Allah has placed on this planet.

and I want to close with this, if Rosie or anyone else who has accepted Islam is watching this video, I just want to say welcome to family, welcome to Islam, may Allah bless you, keep you strong and give you status higher in paradise is not easy to change someone’s life and of course, you have done something for years I do one step at a time and the beginning of each journey is difficult do not despair and for you who are watching do not forget to send him a message and show your support, Insha’Allah and make him feel welcome he will leave him here friends, until next time Assalamu Alajkum.

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