Are Elephants Actually Frightened of Mice?

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Keep in mind that scene in Dumbo the place he first meets Timothy mouse?

There are numerous scenes like that on TV the place elephants cower on the sight of a mouse.

Why would a virtually 14,000 lbs elephant be afraid of a tiny, innocent mouse?

It’s not simply on TV exhibits. Folks have really noticed elephants working away from mice.

Might there be extra to those sightings? Learn on as we separate truth from fiction.

Are elephants frightened of mice?

A young and older elephant strolling.

Opposite to well-liked perception, elephants aren’t frightened of mice. A circus elephant coach, Troy Metzler, got down to take a look at the speculation himself.

He carried out his personal elephant and mouse experiment. In his demonstration, Metzler held a mouse in entrance of an elephant to see its response.

Surprisingly, the elephant didn’t appear within the tiny creature.

So, he proved that somewhat mouse doesn’t scare the mighty elephant.

Why do elephants run from mice?

A small white mouse on someone's hands.

That’s as a result of elephants can’t see very nicely.

You may need skilled this too; think about you’re sitting quietly, and a bug flies by.

You solely spot it in your peripheral imaginative and prescient, but it surely’s sufficient to make you run in the other way.

You can even let loose a small scream, and whenever you cool down, chances are you’ll discover that it was solely a innocent ladybug.

It’s the identical for elephants. They will’t see the mouse clearly.

And the mouse strikes so quick that it startles them.

That additionally explains why the mouse didn’t transfer the circus elephant in Metzler’s hand.

The place did the parable come from?

A woman with an emotion and gestures showing that she has no clue.

The concept elephants are afraid of mice had existed lengthy earlier than it grew to become a preferred trope in cartoons.

A Greek fable from way back to 77 AD supported this perception. Within the story, a mouse climbs an elephant’s trunk and drives him nuts.

Extra not too long ago, within the 1600s, a preferred rationalization for the mice and elephant fantasy got here up.

Allen Moulin, an Irish doctor, believed that elephants didn’t have the small protecting cartilage of their throat — epiglottis.

This cartilage retains overseas our bodies out to stop choking. Moulin believed that if the mouse acquired into the elephant’s throat, it might block its airway.

And this served as the favored rationalization for the connection between an elephant and a mouse.

Folks would understand a lot later that elephants have epiglottis cartilage.

So, choking on a mouse isn’t an actual danger.

Moreover, elephant researcher Richard Lair famous that an elephant might fairly simply blow a mouse out of its trunk if one ever climbed in.

Are different animals frightened of mice?

A cat being cautious of a mouse.

A mouse scurrying round can startle any animal.

Protecting reflexes will make animals soar again, fearing any surprising creature working round.

Many animals, similar to horses, cats, or canines, will soar again when a mouse runs by.

They’re not actually afraid. The mouse simply caught them unexpectedly.

What tiny animal scares an elephant?

A bee perched on a flower.

Elephants won’t be afraid of mice, however there’s one other tiny animal that scares them.

It’s bees!

What might a tiny bee presumably do to the large elephant? Not a lot.

Elephants have very thick pores and skin. So, a bee’s stinger can’t trigger a lot injury.

Nonetheless, African bees can get fairly aggressive. They assault in lots of, stinging the elephant in all places.

Through the assault, bees can sting delicate areas similar to their trunk, eyes, and mouth.

Researchers discovered that Asian elephants are afraid of bees too.

Younger elephant calves could also be extra weak to bee stings.

And a few imagine that a big swarm of hundreds of bees can critically damage a younger elephant.

How can bees save elephants?

A couple of bee hives that are placed to prevent elephants from wandering too far.

Elephant conservationists use the elephant’s concern of bees to save lots of their lives.

Whereas trying to find meals, elephants can wander into farmlands. Farmers defending their crops can damage the wandering elephants or themselves.

Farmers are actually placing beehives on their fences to scare elephants off as an alternative.

When the elephants strive crossing the fence, they disturb the bees.

The buzzing bee sounds are sufficient to show the elephants away from the farm.

This technique is already displaying nice success.


Elephants are wonderful creatures. Other than their gigantic sizes, they’re additionally clever and delicate giants.

Now you’ll be able to impress your pals by telling them the reality in regards to the relationship between elephants, mice, and bees.

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