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Do you know that animals have been bodily exploring area lengthy earlier than people ever bought the primary probability to?

It’s completely true! These animal astronauts had been experiments carried out by scientists to ensure that it was protected for people to make the identical journeys all by themselves.

I do know it sounds imply, however not less than they despatched a couple of “non-animal” crafts up there first to check the… erm, waters?

Anyway, shifting swiftly on, the first-ever animal to move off into area was a canine that scientists known as Laika.

On November 3, 1957, Laika the canine turned the primary animal to orbit the Earth, aboard the Soviet spacecraft Sputnik 2.

Since then, now we have seen felines, reptiles, primates, and even creepy crawlies like spiders change into astronauts too.

There’s little doubt about it, we appear to like launching our furry pals into the skies, however I’ve to ask, no matter shall be subsequent?

This enjoyable InfoGraphic under was created by Atlas Obscura, and it highlights among the hottest animal astronauts of all time. 

Verify them out, and tell us in case your misplaced pet made it to the record!

Animal Astronauts

Animal Astronauts Infographic

Though some missions have gone extremely nicely, there have been some that resulted in catastrophe and had been deadly.

Both approach, we take our hats off to the hero animal astronauts which have made it attainable for people to “boldly go the place no human has gone earlier than.”

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