5 Good Information About Rhinoceros Beetles

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Rhinoceros Beetles

The Japanese Rhinoceros Beetle or Kabuto beetle is a well-liked creature inside Asian tradition due to its capability and can to battle.

It’s one of many bigger beetles on earth, and its power has fueled the curiosity of people for a few years.

Listed here are 5 fascinating info in regards to the Japanese Rhinoceros Beetle.

The beetle is mostly present in Japan, Taiwan, Korea & Japanese China.


Rhinoceros beetles are a part of a subfamily of beetles known as Dynastinae, and they’re intently associated to the scarab beetle.

They’re typically brown or black in colour and have an herbivore food plan consisting of sugary meals, reminiscent of tree sap and fruits.

Males can attain a size of round 1.57-3.14 inches (40-80 millimeters), and females can develop to a most dimension of two.36 inches (60 millimeters).

The rhinoceros beetle has two horns; one is “Y” formed on its entrance, and the opposite, a smaller horn on high of its head. It makes use of each horns for combating and lifting its opponents.

They’re mostly present in Japan, Taiwan, Korea, and Japanese China, though variations of the beetle have been discovered throughout all of the continents, aside from Antarctica.

Kabuto beetles are primarily present in tropical and subtropical mountainous areas within the wild.

The rhinoceros beetle has many names the world over.


In Japan, it’s referred to with three completely different names: the Japanese rhinoceros beetle, Japanese horned beetle, and kabutomushi.

The commonest identify of the three utilized in Japan is the kabutomushi. In English, “kabuto” means “helmet,” and “mushi” interprets to “insect.”

The direct translation of kabutomushi is “helmet insect,” which in Japanese tradition refers to it wanting much like a samurai’s helmet.

The rhinoceros beetle solely lives for as much as 16 months.


There are completely different phases of its life cycle, and it begins life as an egg. As soon as the egg hatches, most of its life is spent underground as a larva.

It is going to take round 12 months for the larva to develop and mature right into a beetle.

As soon as it’s absolutely developed, it solely has round 4 months of its life left as a completely grown Rhinoceros beetle. Inside this time-frame, it should discover a mate and produce its personal offspring for the cycle to proceed.

After discovering a associate and mating, the males will die within the fall, and the females stay till all eggs are laid and can die shortly after.

Rhinoceros beetles are highly regarded in Japanese tradition.


Rhinoceros beetles have develop into a preferred icon inside Japanese tradition, from being utilized in commercials, that includes as characters inside anime and cartoons on tv.

In consequence, it has develop into common for kids dwelling in areas near the Rhinoceros beetles’ pure habitat to play with them.

They’re bought as pets in shops throughout Japan and different components of Asia. It’s frequent for most youngsters to have one, very like within the US, you might need a pet hamster or guinea pig.

These can typically be bought for as little as $5 USD!

Japanese Rhinoceros beetles will be fierce and like to battle.


The beetle doesn’t are inclined to battle with people, although, they usually aren’t venomous; they don’t chew or sting us, fortunately.

Nonetheless, they do battle with different kabuto beetles, significantly over a mate.

Throughout these brutal beetle battles, they battle with their horns, and typically even snap their opponent’s horns off!

The Rhinoceros beetle will use each of its horns to carry or flip its opponent, and may carry 850 occasions its personal weight.

Their unbelievable power has fueled our curiosity for a few years, which has led to the Rhinoceros beetles being bred and used purely for leisure.

Throughout Asia, a standard playing exercise will probably be to put two male Rhinoceros beetles on a log and guess on which one will push the opposite off first.

The primary to fall is the loser, and that is typically the reason for main loss or achieve of cash throughout Asia, particularly throughout the Ryukyu Islands.

Bonus Truth: The Pokémon Heracross relies on the Japanese Rhinoceros Beetle.

The Japanese Rhinoceros beetle will proceed to amaze people with its feisty persona and distinctive power.

With selective breeding, they’ve advanced into greater and stronger beetles, making them one of many strongest creatures on the planet.

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