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Charmeleon is without doubt one of the most well-known fire-type Pokémon, and whereas it’s not fairly as common as both of its evolutions, it actually is aware of the best way to pack a punch!

In the event you wished to know extra about this center sibling Pokémon evolution, you’ve come to the correct place – so learn on to be taught all there may be to learn about Charmeleon!

Charmeleon’s identify is a mixture of the phrases “char,” that means to burn or singe, and “chameleon,” a species of lizard.

Its identify in Japanese is “Lizardo,” which is a contact bland, to say the least. Lizardo itself is a bastardization of the English phrase “lizard” if you happen to didn’t determine that one out your self.

Charmeleon’s identify doesn’t make a lot sense in English, because it has virtually no shared bodily traits with a chameleon. Charmeleon makes use of its tail extensively, however that’s virtually completely for preventing, whereas chameleons use them for climbing and holding onto issues.

It’s a fire-type Pokémon, one of many three major Pokémon sorts accessible initially of any Pokémon recreation, alongside grass and water sorts.

Not solely do Charmeleons have a flame on the finish of their tails, however they’re additionally in a position to breathe hearth. Their hearth assaults are considerably extra lethal than their earlier evolution, Charmander, however nowhere close to the extent of a Charizard.

Total, they’re extra aggressive than a Charmander and can actively search out sturdy opponents to battle when within the wild.

When a Charmeleon finds a formidable opponent, it will get excited, and its ordinarily purple tail flame will flip a scorching bluish-white.

Charmeleons can’t be caught within the wild in any of the Pokémon video games. The one approach to get one is to both evolve a Charmander or commerce it from a distinct recreation.

Talking of evolving, Charmanders naturally evolve into Charmeleons at stage 16, and Charmeleons evolve into Charizards at stage 36.

Whilst you can’t catch them within the video games, they’re mentioned to stay alongside their evolutions in scorching and rocky mountainous areas.

They’re bipedal Pokémon, that means they solely stroll on two legs and resemble lizards and even dinosaurs.

Chronologically, Charmeleon is the primary Pokémon listed within the Pokédex that will get a second sort when it evolves – in Charmeleon’s case, it attains the flying sort as its evolution has wings.

Ranging from the second era of video games, Charmeleon learns a dragon-type transfer known as Dragon Rage.

Ash Ketchum’s Charmeleon is extremely badly behaved and aggressive, primarily as a consequence of it being a better stage than Ash. It attacked Ash a couple of times, and straight-up refused to do what it was advised till after it developed into Charizard.

It belongs to a species known as “Flame Pokémon,” regardless of Charmander being a “Lizard Pokémon.” Different Flame Pokémon embrace Charizard, Infernape, Moltres, and Flareon.

Charmeleon and all the opposite starter fire-type Pokémon have the identical base stats in all their evolutionary varieties.

A “Darkish Charmeleon” buying and selling card was launched in 2000 in English as part of the Group Rocket growth. It has two assaults, Tail Slap and Fireball. The Japanese model of the cardboard was launched earlier in 1997, with a reputation that interprets to “unhealthy lizard.”

As of 2022, there are 26 totally different Pokémon buying and selling playing cards that includes Charmeleon.

The common Charmeleon weighs round 41.9 lbs (19 kg) and is 3 foot seven inches (1.1 m) tall.

5% of all Charmeleons are male, which can clarify why they are typically aggressive within the wild.

Charmeleon looking fierce with a fiery tail

Whereas Charmeleon is clearly most frequently an aggressive and dominant Pokémon, it may be very well-natured if sorted correctly.

That mentioned, its fiery mood can nonetheless trigger it to get into some fairly bushy fights, so it’s good to at all times regulate it.

However, Charmeleon continues to be one of many coolest fire-type Pokémon!

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