15 Fascinating Information About Mississippi

15 Fascinating Information About Mississippi
15 Fascinating Information About Mississippi
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Nicknamed “The Magnolia State” however also referred to as “The Hospitality State,” Mississippi was the 20th state to affix america of America on December 10, 1817.

It has a inhabitants of two,976,149 (as of 2019), making it the 34th most populous state. Mississippi is bordered by the states of Arkansas, Louisiana, Alabama, and Tennessee.

With a complete of 48,430 sq. miles (125,443 sq. kilometers) of land and water, it’s the 32nd largest state.

The capital of Mississippi is Jackson, which is located within the heart of the state.

That’s sufficient quick information concerning the Magnolia State for now, although; we’re right here to study a number of the extra attention-grabbing information!





Mississippi was named after the Mississippi River.

The Mississippi River

Yep, the Mississippi river’s title got here first!

The Mississippi River gained its title when French explorers encountered the Anishinaabe individuals, who named the river Misi-ziibi, which interprets into “Nice River.”

Folks have lived in Mississippi for over 10,000 years.

Paleo Indians hunting for food

The primary individuals to populate the Americas have been the Paleo Indians, a bunch of hunter-gatherers.

These Paleo Indians made their method into the Americas through the Ice Age by way of the Bering Strait, which was a land crossing between the far east of modern-day Russia and the westernmost tip of Alaska.

The individuals who first made their method as far south because the Mississippi area have been their descendants, who had traveled additional and additional south whereas looking megafaunas reminiscent of mammoths and mastodon.

These early explorers settled all through everything of the Americas, together with modern-day Mississippi.


There have been many Native American tribes in Mississippi when Europeans arrived.

An artist impression of the Taensa people

By the point Europeans reached the Americas, many various cultures have been thriving all through the land.

In Mississippi, there have been at the least seven distinctive tribes inside the area when Europeans first made contact, together with the Taensa, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Yazoo, Natchez, Biloxi, and Pascagoula.

Various these tribes got here from the Mississippian tradition, a civilization of mound-building individuals who rose to energy and have been the predominant tradition within the area between 800 to 1600 AD.

Apparently, the Mississippi tradition isn’t truly from the area now often known as Mississippi.

The older tradition within the area was the Plaquemine tradition, whose practices have been nonetheless carried on by the Natchez and Taensa on the time of European arrival.


The primary Europeans to achieve the Mississippi area have been the Spanish.

A drawing of Hernando de Soto

The famed Spanish explorer and conquistador Hernando de Soto led the primary expedition into modern-day Mississippi within the early 1540s.

He embarked upon this famously disastrous expedition with two objectives in thoughts, to seek for each a passage by way of to the Pacific coast in addition to giant quantities of gold, which numerous Native American tribes and different explorers had heard rumors of.

He crossed by way of modern-day Mississippi whereas on this expedition, a quest which noticed fixed clashes with quite a few tribes and in the end his loss of life on the western banks of the Mississippi River.

This expedition discovered neither gold nor a passage by way of to the west coast.


The primary European settlement in Mississippi was French.

Mississippi was once owned by France

Hernando de Soto’s expedition was an entire and utter catastrophe, which resulted in Spain quickly shedding virtually all curiosity within the area.

Greater than 100 years later, France started their explorations and claimed modern-day Mississippi as part of New France, particularly La Louisiane.

In April 1699, colonists from France traveled to the Mississippi area and based Fort Maurepas, the primary white settlement there.

Mississippi modified fingers many instances earlier than it turned part of america.

Mississippi flags

Whereas France was the primary European energy to regulate modern-day Mississippi, they definitely weren’t the final.

France had comparatively untested management of the Mississippi area till the Seven Yr’s Warfare started in 1756, by way of which colonial France and Britain fought over management of North America.

Nice Britain unequivocally defeated France, and as such, they ceded management of the area to the victor in 1763.

Britain’s management of the area was comparatively short-lived, with the American Civil warfare commencing in 1765.

On the finish of the warfare in 1783, america of America took management of the vast majority of Mississippi, though the decrease third was given to Spain and have become part of West Florida.

Later, america of America gained management of this area, and the Mississippi Territory was created in 1798.

Mississippi was quickly settled by potential cotton farmers.

A painting of a cotton fields

There was little motive for settlers to maneuver as far west because the Mississippi Territory till the invention of the cotton gin, with the inhabitants of the area in 1798 numbering round 9,000.

With the cotton gin got here the potential for top earnings, and Mississippi turned a land of unequaled alternative for white settlers virtually in a single day.

Hordes of individuals moved to benefit from Mississippi’s open plains and fertile soil, with the inhabitants exploding to some 222,000 by 1820.

The vast majority of the inhabitants wasn’t white plantation house owners; as a substitute, they have been enslaved African People introduced into the area to work on the newly established plantations.

By 1860 greater than half the inhabitants of Mississippi have been slaves.

An old black and white photo of cotton pickers

The excuse that cotton planters gave for such excessive numbers of enslaved African People was that slavery was a “crucial evil” and that cotton manufacturing wouldn’t be worthwhile with out it.

Because the cotton trade of Mississippi grew, so did the demand for slaves.

A brand new elite class of whites developed, a category of white plantation house owners who owned the vast majority of land and slaves and lived virtually like royalty throughout this period.

Whereas most white settlers within the area didn’t truly personal slaves themselves, they definitely believed that they have been far superior in all features of life and humanity.

This mindset, together with the cotton plantations’ reliance on slaves, instantly led to Mississippi’s secession from america in 1861.

Mississippi contributed greater than 80,000 troops to the American Civil Warfare.

An artist impression of the American Civil War

Unsurprisingly, Mississippi was one of many vital Accomplice gamers within the American Civil Warfare.

There have been 354,000 white residents of Mississippi in 1860, with 80,000 of them going to warfare.

To place issues into perspective, that signifies that 23% of white Mississippians fought within the warfare, with the opposite 77% together with girls, youngsters, and seniors.

What we will extrapolate from that is that just about each single able-bodied man within the state of Mississippi fought for the proper to personal slaves.

They suffered heavy casualties.

Mississippi went from being one of many wealthiest states to one of many poorest.

Mississippi River flooded

Mississippi relied closely on the cotton trade, and earlier than the American Civil Warfare, it was generally recognized that this trade merely wouldn’t be worthwhile with out slave labor.

Up till the Civil Warfare, Mississippi ranked at quantity 5 on the checklist of wealthiest US states.

It comes as no small shock that following their defeat and the abolition of slavery, Mississippi slid into instances of nice financial melancholy.

Sadly, the state has by no means recovered, with disasters reminiscent of flooding, tornadoes, hurricanes including to their financial woes.

The origins of the common-or-garden teddy bear lie in Mississippi.

A cute little teddy bear

At first, it was known as “Teddy’s Bear,” and it was named after Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt, the 26th president of america of America.

Because the story goes, Roosevelt was out on a looking expedition with the Mississippi governor close to Onward, MI.

Somebody had apparently captured a bear, tied it to a tree, after which supplied Roosevelt the prospect to shoot it.

Roosevelt outright refused, which was an act that quickly discovered its method into the press within the type of a satirical cartoon.

A sweet store in Brooklyn capitalized on the thought and created a small stuffed toy bear which they known as “Teddy’s Bear.”






Mississippi is the true house of blues music.

A black and white photo of someone playing the blues on a guitar

This soulful style of music has roots that return to the Mississippi Delta, to the time of the American Civil Warfare.

A lot of the lyrics and types of singing are tailored from the songs sung by African American slaves whereas they labored within the fields.

After the Civil Warfare, blues developed right into a method for newly-freed African People to specific themselves.

Mississippi experiences a median of 27 tornadoes per yr.

A massive tornado surrounded by heavy dark clouds

Like many different states inside the Deep South, Mississippi is just too acquainted with excessive climate.

There have been 5 actually lethal tornadoes all through US historical past, with two of them decimating elements of Mississippi.

Within the southern elements of the state, twister season is mostly within the later months of the yr, whereas within the northern areas, the season is mostly within the earlier months.

Greater than 50% of Mississippi is forested.

Rich forest in Mississippi

When one thinks of Mississippi, one usually thinks of farmland, countless prairies, and naturally, the Mississippi River.

One of many extra stunning information concerning the state is that it’s nonetheless fairly forested, with greater than half of all land coated in both wild or cultivated timber.

Whereas the Mississippi Delta is prime agricultural land, many different areas have been left untouched, with forests of pine, willow, cottonwood, oak, and numerous hardwoods.

Mississippi’s structure declares that you just have to be spiritual to run for workplace.

A governor office in Mississippi

Extra particularly, the structure declares that solely individuals who imagine within the existence of a Supreme Being are allowed to carry workplace within the state of Mississippi.

It wasn’t till 1961 that the US supreme court docket dominated that this restriction was unconstitutional.

The actual query here’s what truly defines a Supreme Being anyway?

To place it plainly, Mississippi is an extremely polarizing state with a disastrously tumultuous historical past.

You may take one take a look at the state and see all the pieces that was mistaken with pre-Civil Warfare America, and it’s arduous to look previous that.

Nevertheless, when you handle to dig deeper, you discover an extremely stunning state straddling the Mississippi River that simply needs to get by.

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