15 Enjoyable Information About Fiji That You Ought to Know

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15 Enjoyable Information About Fiji That You Ought to Know

15 Enjoyable Information About Fiji That You Ought to Know.

Fiji has been inhabited for a whole lot of years by the native Fijian folks after which later settlers of European nations on their expeditions to discover the world.

As we speak Fiji is a fusion of previous and new cultures and is a well-liked vacationer vacation spot.

Listed here are 15 enjoyable details about Fiji that can depart you fascinated to know extra.

Fiji is  Islands.

15 Enjoyable Information About Fiji That You Ought to Know
15 Enjoyable Information About Fiji That You Ought to Know

Though most individuals assume that Fiji is only one island, it’s truly a bunch of 332 islands that sit between Hawaii and New Zealand.

There are 4 essential islands the place a lot of the inhabitants lives: Viti Levu, Vana Levu, Ono-i-Lau, and Kadavu Island.

Viti Levu is the largest island with an space of 4,011 sq. miles (10388.44 sq. kilometers) and is residence to the capital metropolis, Suva.

The second largest is Vana Levu, which is 2,157 sq. miles (5,587.1 sq. kilometers). It’s located 39.77 miles (64 km) north of Viti Levu.

Ono-i-Lau is the title of a group of islands which are enclosed by the reef. This assortment of islands is called Lau Islands and is taken into account the third largest island space of Fiji. It has a complete space of 173.7 sq. miles (450 sq. kilometers).

The fourth-largest island of Fiji is Kadavu Island, with a complete space of 158.68 sq. miles (411 sq. kilometers).


Fijian language book

Fiji is among the solely nations on this planet to have three official languages, English, Hindi, and iTaukei.

ITaukei is the native language and is spoken as both a primary or second language by most indigenous natives, who make up 54% of the inhabitants.


Round 37% of the inhabitants is of Indian descent, and so they communicate largely Hindi.

The English language was introduced over through the British colonial rule and was the official language up till 1997.

English is extensively used inside the authorities, schooling, and enterprise.

fiji map

The Fijian flag

The Flag of Fiji consists of a lightweight blue background, with the British Union Jack within the high left-hand nook and the defend of the nationwide coat of arms on the correct of the flag.

The flag has the British union jack on it as a result of it turned a part of the British Empire in 1874.

The blue background is consultant of Fiji being an island surrounded by sea.

The nationwide coat of arms defend reveals a golden lion holding a cocoa pod, palm bushes, bananas, sugar cane, and a dove.

These characterize the nation and its exports and historical past with the British Empire.

Kava is the standard drink of Fiji.

A woman serving kava

In Fiji, there are nonetheless many traditions, and one of the frequent is the act of consuming Kava.

Kava, which interprets to imply bitter, is a root that’s grown all through the pacific islands.

It’s thought-about a natural drugs for its sedating and anesthetic qualities.

The kava root is usually dried after which floor right into a powder which is blended with water for consumption.

This drink combine is called “grog” and is claimed to include many therapeutic properties.

Fiji  volcanic!

A volcano in Fiji

Do you know that Fiji is made up of a community of volcanoes, a few of which nonetheless have thermal exercise?

The final volcano to erupt was on the summit of Mount Taveuni 500 years in the past.

Nabukelevu is a community of lava domes which have been shaped over time from the eruptions. The final eruption of this website was in 1660.

The volcanic soil is the rationale for the countless flora and jungle that spans Fiji’s islands.

Fiji is residence to the monkey-faced bat.

Silhouette of a bat hanging from tree branches

The monkey-faced bat is native to this a part of the world.

William and Ruth Beckon found this oddly named bat in 1976 on the Fijian island of Taveuni.

The bat weighs round 0.5-0.8 kilos (222-362 grams), and so they have distinct orange eyes.

There have solely ever been six recorded sightings in Fiji. It is because they will solely be discovered within the cloud forests excessive within the mountains, which is a protected space and tough for folks to succeed in.

Cannibalism was as soon as practiced in Fiji.

Human skulls and other bones scattered on soil

Fiji was as soon as often called the Cannibal Islands as a result of the natives have been cannibals.

Cannibalism was nonetheless practiced on a number of the extra distant islands of Fiji up till the 19th Century.

Fijian chief Ratu Udre Udre holds the world file for many people eaten.

The file states that he consumed anyplace between 872-999 people throughout his lifetime.

Fiji has two native frogs.

A Fijian tree frog

There are two native frogs in Fiji, the Fiji tree frog and the Fiji wrinkled floor frog; each are intently associated.

They will solely be discovered on the islands of Fiji, mostly in moist jungle areas close to streams.

Fijian tree and floor frogs fluctuate in shade from creamy yellow tones to vivid oranges.

Though different frogs and toads may be discovered on the islands, they don’t seem to be native and would have been delivered to the island by varied settlers.

There are browsing crocodiles in Fiji.

A crocodile on the beach

The saltwater crocodile has been discovered to island-hop within the South Pacific Ocean.

In 2006, biologist Hamish Campbell tagged 27 crocodiles to watch their motion between the South Pacific Islands.

The outcomes confirmed that the world’s largest dwelling reptile would use the floor currents and tides to journey waves to succeed in far distances.

fiji time 

On smaller, extra distant islands, it’s simpler to search out meals sources similar to turtles, explaining the huge distances traveled.

Fiji’s sea snake is extra venomous than frequent land snakes.

A sea snake in Fijian waters

The black and white banded sea snake is often discovered alongside Fiji’s shoreline and lagoons.

It’s a very docile snake and can solely assault if provoked or disturbed.

Its venom is 20 instances stronger than that of a land snake, however fortunately for people, its mouth is so small that it can not chew us!

It’s stated that its mouth is so small that it could solely be capable of open huge sufficient to have the ability to chew the webbing between a child’s fingers, though this has by no means been confirmed.

Uncooked fish is a part of a standard eating regimen.

Kokoda raw fish dish

One among Fiji’s hottest nationwide dishes is named Kokoda, and it consists of uncooked fish eaten equally to ceviche.

The fish is left to marinate in a mix of coconut milk or cream, chili, onions, and lime juice.

There isn’t any hearth wanted because the acidity of the lime cooks the fish making it suitable for eating uncooked.

It’s historically served in a coconut shell or hollowed-out pineapple.

Firewalking was invented in Fiji.

Fijian men fire walking

You will have seen in films the place somebody walks over sizzling coals or hearth, and you might assume that appears painful!

Properly, in Fiji, it’s a frequent apply, and it’s the birthplace of firewalking.

The legend is that round 500 years in the past, within the village of Nakarovu, a younger man named Tunaiviqalita was requested to seek for an eel for his elder.

On his hunt, he got here throughout a spirit god within the type of a small man, asking for assist. He promised that he would give him the flexibility to manage hearth in trade for his service, that means he might stroll on hearth.

The apply of firewalking was born.

Fijians imagine this energy was handed down via his blood and has been practiced as a conventional ceremony.

Fiji water is actually from Fiji.

A bottle of Fiji water on a beach

Have you ever ever been to the grocery retailer and seen Fiji water on the shelf and puzzled whether it is truly from Fiji?

Properly, it’s! Fiji water has been bottled and produced as a product since 1996.

The pure water supply in Fiji incorporates minerals and different properties to profit your well being, and natives have drunk it for a whole lot of years.

The reward of a tooth is an indication of affection.

Whale tooth necklace

Within the Fiji custom, if you wish to suggest to somebody, one act has been practiced for a whole lot of years. You could current your lover and their household with the tooth of a sperm whale.

Often known as Tabua in Fiji, the act of giving a whale’s tooth is probably the most revered act for displaying your like to somebody.

Identical to when presenting a hoop to your beloved, the extra diamonds, the extra spectacular the ring is.

However in Fiji, the extra enamel introduced, the extra honorable the reward is.

Training politeness is necessary inside Fijian tradition; due to this fact, the giver will all the time be humble concerning the reward, and the receiver will all the time discuss up the reward.

Meke is Fijis conventional dance.

Three men performing the Make dance

Most cultures have conventional dances, and the title of Fijis dance is named Meke.

Meke is a efficiency of storytelling via the types of dance and tune. Each women and men participate within the Meke.

On this collaboration, girls are anticipated to carry out elegant and sleek strikes whereas the boys are anticipated to point out sturdy and fierce actions.

A Lali is a conventional drum that’s used to maintain the rhythm and beat of the Meke.

Fiji is a nature-rich assortment of islands that sit within the South Pacific Ocean, with a wealthy historical past of indigenous folks and settlers.

Though it has developed over time, the traditions are nonetheless practiced at the moment, and it values its historical past and previous.The best way to Make Goodfellas’ Jail Sauce and Meatballs


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