10 terrific tiger details for teenagers

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Right here at Nationwide Geographic Children, we love fur-ocious felines!
So get able to roar with our TEN tiger details…

Tiger details

Tiger Facts

1) Tigers are the biggest wild cats on this planet.

Adults can weigh as much as 363kg (that’s about the identical as ten ten 12 months olds!) and measure as much as 3.3m!

2) Tigers are carnivores, consuming solely meat.

They primarily feed on massive mammals comparable to deer, wild pigs, antelope and buffalo.


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3) Tigers are solitary hunters, and usually seek for meals alone at evening.

They quietly stalk their prey till they’re shut sufficient to pounce – then they kill their sufferer with a chew to the neck or again of the pinnacle. Ouch!

4) Tigers are good swimmers!

Not like most members of the cat household, they like water and sometimes cool off in swimming pools or streams.

Tiger Facts

5) A tiger’s roar may be heard so far as three kilometres away.

SO once they wish to be heard, you’ll find out about it, gang!

6) At full pace, tigers can attain as much as 65km/h.

That’s proper – they could be huge and heavy, however tigers are not at all sluggish movers!

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7) These fierce felines have walked the earth for a very long time.

Fossil stays of tigers present in components of China are believed to be 2 million years previous. Yikes!

8) No two tigers have the identical stripes.

Since each tiger has their very own sample on their fur, they’re all distinctive!

Tiger Facts

9) At the moment, there are 5 subspecies of tiger.

These subspecies are the Bengal tiger, South China tiger, Indochinese tiger, Sumatran tiger and Amur tiger (also called Siberian tiger). Sadly, three subspecies of tiger have develop into extinct – the Caspian, Bali and Javan.

10) Lower than 100 years in the past, tigers may very well be discovered all through Asia.

Sadly, looking and habitat loss have put populations in danger, and at this time their vary has been lowered to round 7% of its former dimension. That’s why we have to do all we are able to to guard these stunning beasts!


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