10 info about honey bees!

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Calling all budding – or ought to we are saying buzz-ing – younger naturalists! Be a part of Nationwide Geographic Children as we get the lowdown on considered one of our planet’s most fascinating bugs in our ten info about honey bees!


Information about honey bees

Facts about honey bees

1. Honey bees are super-important pollinators for flowers, vegatables and fruits. Which means that they assist different vegetation develop! Bees switch pollen between the female and male elements, permitting vegetation to develop seeds and fruit.

2. Honey bees stay in hives (or colonies). The members of the hive are divided into three varieties:

     Queen: One queen runs the entire hive. Her job is to put the eggs that may spawn the hive’s subsequent technology of bees. The queen additionally produces chemical compounds that information the behaviour of the opposite bees.

     Staff: these are all feminine and their roles are to forage for meals (pollen and nectar from flowers), construct and shield the hive, clear and flow into air by beating their wings. Staff are the one bees most individuals ever see flying round outdoors the hive.

     Drones: These are the male bees, and their function is to mate with the brand new queen. A number of hundred stay in every hive through the spring and summer season. However come winter, when the hive goes into survival mode, the drones are kicked out!


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3.  What are these buzzing bugs most well-known for? Scrumptious honey! However do you know they produce honey as meals shops for the hive throughout winter? Fortunately for us, these environment friendly little employees produce 2-3 time extra honey than they want, so we get to benefit from the tasty deal with, too!

4. If the queen bee dies, employees will create a brand new queen by choosing a younger larva (the newly hatched child bugs) and feeding it a particular meals referred to as “royal jelly“. This permits the larva to develop right into a fertile queen.

Facts about honey bees

5. Honey bees are fab flyers. They fly at a velocity of round 25km per hour and beat their wings 200 instances per second!

6. Every bee has 170 odorant receptors, which suggests they’ve one critical sense of scent! They use this to speak inside the hive and to recognise various kinds of flowers when on the lookout for meals.

7. The common employee bee lives for simply 5 to 6 weeks. Throughout this time, she’ll produce round a twelfth of a teaspoon of honey.

8. The queen can stay as much as 5 years. She is busiest in the summertime months, when she will be able to lay as much as 2,500 eggs a day! 

Facts about honey bees

9. Honey bees are additionally sensible boogiers! To share details about one of the best meals sources, they carry out their ‘waggle dance’. When the employee returns to the hive, it strikes in a figure-of-eight and waggles its physique to point the course of the meals supply. Cool, huh?

10. Sadly, over the previous 15 years, colonies of bees have been disappearing, and the explanation stays unknown. Known as ‘colony collapse dysfunction’, billions of honey bees the world over are leaving their hives, by no means to return. In some areas, as much as 90% of bees have disappeared!


We are able to all do our bit to assist these sensible bugs, gang! Why not plant flowers wealthy in nectar, resembling lavender and bluebells, which can assist bees discover the meals they want? Additionally, be sure you select native British honey, too, which can assist our honey bees and their beekeepers!

Do you know that now we have a FREE downloadable ‘Buzz about bees’ major useful resource, all about these superior bugs? Nice for academics, homeschoolers and oldsters alike!

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Pictures ⓒ Getty Pictures: Bees on honeycomb, (81154415). Image of a honeybee on a pink flower: {Photograph} by Manfredxy, Dreamstime. Image of a honeybee on a purple flower: {Photograph} by Daniel Vincek, Dreamstime. Image of a honeybee on a white background: {Photograph} by Daniel Vincek, Dreamstime.


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