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It’s time for the lowdown on one in all nature’s mild giants! Take a look at our ten info in regards to the lovely giraffe


Giraffe info

Giraffe Facts

1) Giraffes are discovered within the dry savannahs of Africa, the place they roam among the many open plains and woodlands.

2) Well-known for his or her lengthy necks, these mild giants are the world’s tallest dwelling land animals. An grownup male can develop to round 5.5m – that’s taller than three grownup people!


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3) A giraffe’s top is useful for retaining a glance out for predators, corresponding to lions and hyenas. Their glorious eyesight permits them to identify hungry beasts from distant, too.

4) Herbivores, giraffes solely eat crops. Their favorite grub is the acacia tree, and so they use their lengthy necks to succeed in the leaves and buds within the treetops. Their lengthy tongues (which develop to a whopping 53cm!) additionally assist them pull down leaves rising method up excessive.

Giraffe Facts

5) And boy do these guys have an urge for food! They spend most of their time consuming, and may guzzle as much as 45kg of leaves and twigs a day!

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6) While they could eat loads, giraffes don’t drink a lot water. It is because they get most of their water from their leafy meals, and solely have to drink as soon as each few days.

7) Giraffes are very social animals and roam round in teams. These teams, referred to as towers, sometimes have round 15 members led by an grownup male. The opposite members are females and younger males.

8) To see who’s stronger, males (referred to as bulls) combat by butting their lengthy necks and heads. This is called “necking“. These fights aren’t normally harmful, and finish when one bull admits defeat and walks away.

Giraffe Facts

9) Feminine giraffes give beginning standing up. The consequence? Newborns are welcomed to the world with a 1.5m drop to the bottomOuch! However these infants are fast to get on their ft – inside half-hour they’re standing, and solely hours later they”re in a position to run with their moms.

10) Within the wild these lovely creatures reside for round 25 years. In captivity they reside longer, and have been identified to succeed in 40 years outdated.

Photographs ⓒ Getty Photographs: Giraffe and infants, (10014200). Image of giraffe with child: {Photograph} by Roman Murushkin, Dreamstime. Image of a child giraffe: {Photograph} by Lukas Blazek, Dreamstime. Image of giraffes consuming from bushes: {Photograph} by Warrengoldswain, Dreamstime


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