10 Freezingly Fascinating Details About Ice Hockey

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Individuals of all ages love the fast-paced motion of ice hockey.

Whilst you might already know some fundamentals about taking part in the game, you’ll be stunned at a few of these bizarre and fascinating information concerning the recreation.

Brush up on the information beneath, and recommend an “ice hockey” class at your subsequent trivia night time.

Hockey pucks are saved on ice.

A pile of hockey pucks at the side of the ice rink.

Pucks are saved frozen till they’re wanted in a recreation.

A contemporary puck is fabricated from rubber, and it turns into flimsy and bounces when it will get heat.

Freezing the hockey pucks prevents them from bouncing, so gamers can extra simply management them.

On common, 12 pucks are utilized in NHL video games as a result of they thaw so quick.

The primary pucks have been fabricated from cow dung.

Black and white cow looking on the field.

Legend has it that the primary pucks utilized in outside hockey video games have been really frozen cow patties.

However the recreation should go on, proper?

Lower-up lacrosse balls have been later made into pucks earlier than taking their ultimate kind right this moment — vulcanized rubber.

Octopus-throwing is a fortunate custom for Crimson Wings followers.

A piece of octopus on the ice rink

When there have been solely six NHL groups in 1952, eight wins throughout the playoffs clinched the Stanley Cup.

Consider 8 wins as tentacles on an octopus.

That was the road of pondering brothers Pete and Jerry Cusimano, who threw an octopus on the ice throughout a Crimson Wings playoff recreation that 12 months.

For the reason that group took the Cup, octopi have turn into the group’s fortunate charms.

And as of 1995, an octopus grew to become the group’s official mascot.

Ice within the rink is lower than an inch thick.

Close up of an ice resurfacer machine

The ice layer in an expert hockey rink is just ¾ inches (1.90 cm) thick and is saved at -9℃ (16℉).

Thinner ice layers permit the water to freeze sooner and tougher.

The thicker the ice, the softer and slower it turns into.

The Anaheim Geese obtained their title from a Disney film.

Anaheim Ducks team members

Keep in mind The Mighty Geese? The Anaheim, California hockey group was named after the well-known Disney movie and was as soon as owned by the corporate.

In 2007, a 12 months after Disney offered the franchise, the Mighty Geese of Anaheim gained the Stanley Cup.

At the moment they’re generally known as the Anaheim Geese.

Referees drop the puck for purpose.

Hockey referee holding the puck between two players.

Earlier than 1914, hockey refs used their palms to put the puck between the 2 gamers’ sticks in a faceoff.

For apparent causes, this wasn’t a good suggestion.

After many cuts, bruises, and certain damaged bones, they started dropping it between the pucks as an alternative.

Gamers use the Stanley Cup as a snack bowl.

A person drinking from the Stanley Cup.

When a group wins the Stanley Cup, each group member will get to maintain it for twenty-four hours.

So long as the watcher or trustee permits it, the gamers can do no matter they like with the Cup.

For the reason that Cup is definitely a punch bowl, many gamers use it to carry drinks and snacks.

Some treats loved from the trophy embody champagne, rooster wings, cereal, and ice cream.

Followers may be goalies.

Goalie trying to stop a puck.

What occurs if each of a group’s goalies are injured and unable to play?

Followers step in to assist! Anybody can function a backup goalie, together with somebody within the viewers.

In 2020, an emergency goalie from the viewers crammed in because the Carolina Hurricanes’ netminder and obtained the win for the group.

Gamers can lose 10 kilos or extra throughout a recreation.

Person standing on a weighing scale.

Throughout a hockey recreation, goalies can lose as a lot as 10 kilos of water weight.

Goalies sweat loads due to the lights, the thick, padded layers, and the truth that they play your complete recreation.

To fight dehydration-induced muscle cramps, goalies eat sports activities drinks, pickle juice, and mustard packets.

Hockey gamers don’t need to put on mouth guards.

Hockey player missing some of his front teeth.

Regardless of the tough nature of the game, carrying mouthguards is non-obligatory within the NHL.

Although gamers should still lose tooth when hit immediately within the face whereas carrying a mouthguard, these gadgets have their benefits.

The mouthguards stop gamers from clamping their tooth, biting their tongues, and lowering the possibility of damaged jaws or chipped tooth.


Hockey could be a ruthless sport. 

However there’s quite a lot of fascinating info and historical past to this adrenaline-filled recreation. 

Subsequent time you channel surf in your tv and catch an ice hockey recreation, maintain these information in thoughts!

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